DJmax -PORTABLE3- OST. Download!

posted on 11 Nov 2010 19:00 by pantium

  DJMAX Portable 3 Original Sound Track  


DJMAX Portable 3 Original Sound Track
Disk 1
01 Funky People
*แนะนำ* 02 Beautiful Girl (Seth Vogt Electro Vanity Remix)
03 Enemy Storm (Dark Jungle Mix)
*แนะนำ* 04 Everything
05 Luv Flow (Funky House Mix)
06 Mellow D Fantasy
07 Break!
08 Season (Warm Mix)
*แนะนำ* 09 Become Myself
*แนะนำ* 10 Raise Me Up
11 IF
*แนะนำ* 12 Luv is True
13 Your Smile
14 The Rain Maker
*แนะนำ*15 Hanz Up!
16 Desperado (Nu skool Mix)
17 Zet (Mr.Funky Remix)
18 Drum Town
*แนะนำ* 19 MASAI (Electro House Mix)
*แนะนำ* 20 Leave me Alone
21 Gone Astray
22 Waiting for the sun
23 Dream of Winds
Disk 2
01 Say it From Your Heart
02 Sweet Dream
*แนะนำ* 03 Trip
04 Put Em Up
05 Keys to the world (Original Extended Ver.)
*แนะนำ* 06 OUT LAW - Reborn
*แนะนำ* 07 SuperSonic (Mr.Funky Remix)
*แนะนำ* 09 Love is Beautiful
*แนะนำ* 10 Cosmic Fantastic Lovesong
11 Sunny Side (Remastered Ver.)
12 La Campanella : Nu Rave
13 Rage Of Demon
14 NB Ranger: NonStop Remix
15 Flash Finger (DMP3 Opening)
16 A Significant Change (DMP3 Title)
17 Diceplay (Mode Select)
18 Still Alive (Result)
19 Superwave (Total Result)
20 moTivation (Mission)
21 Gateway (Lounge)
22 Midnight Express (Ending)
23 Beautiful Girl (Extended Club Mix)
24 Drum Town (Extended Club Mix)
25 Funky People (Extended Club Mix)
26 Eternity
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